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Our naming service names 400-500 businesses a year. With our experience and wide range of creativity, we'll give your business a good name.

Naming Contests

We host business name contests. Our creative Namers compete to create the best name for your business. You'll receive over 1,000 business name suggestions from our Namers. Pick the winner and start your new business with a great name.

Why Naming Force?

1,000+ Unique Name Ideas

We generate over 1,000 unique business name suggestions per contest. Over 200 Namers will compete on your contest.

Market Research

We crowdsource the ranking of the name submissions to bubble up the best names. We also present demographic break-downs of the voting results.

Trademark and Domain Name Check

All submitted names are checked against the US trademark database as well as checked for domain name registration availability. Optionally, you can also limit domain name submissions to only unregistered domain names.

Naming Portfolio

Kinder Kouture

kids clothing store


Millroast Coffee House

coffee shop


Twice is Nice

second hand retail


Kanopy Brewing

brewery and restaurant


Cuisine on Scene

personal chef service



children's pajamas


Drift Bar & Grill

restaunt and bar



general retail



topical pain relief


Contest Details

To start a contest, the client fills out a contest brief and pays both the contest award and the contest fee up-front. Contests have 3 phases. In phase 1 Namers submit creative name suggestions based on the contest brief. Phase 1 lasts 7 days. In phase 2 we conduct voting on the submitted names. Phase 2 lasts 3 days. The best names will bubble to the top of the list. In phase 3 the client chooses a winner. Phase 3 lasts 7 days.

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