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- large commercial battery used in equipment: A. Objective: Rename and rebrand a large commercial battery unit that is used to power large building equipment such as commercial lifts and hoists. B. Product: A power supply innovation (a specialty battery) used in the commercial building, repair and renovation industry. This battery powers large equipment used to build, repair and renovate bridges, tall buildings, historic structures and monuments such as hoists and spider lifts. C. Who Uses This Product: Building Contractors Painters Building Maintenance Professionals Glazers, Window Installers. Tuckpointers Exterior Facade Maintenance Laborers/Installers D. Where This Product Is Used: Facade of Buildings Under and Beside Bridges Outside of Towers and Tal Monuments E. Description: A large battery unit that provides power to large commercial equipment – like hoists and lifts. All large equipment is now being powered by hard-wired electric cables, so there is more freedom with the battery. There are no other batteries in the category at this time. F. Primary Product Benefits: Time efficiency - No longer need to hardwire the power source to the equipment – this saves lots of time and cost. Cost efficiency - Although it costs more up front to rent or buy the battery, customers experience long-term savings on building and renovation costs because now there are no power cables, generators, electrical materials and licensed electricians needed to power their building equipment. Effective Power Solution - Battery provides power for large equipment for 1-2 days before needing a recharge. Flexibility – Equipment can be repositioned or moved more quickly with the battery than power cables. G. Key Product Attributes: Cordless (no power cords required) Power anywhere Portable power Freedom, flexibility, efficiency Names should be: Descriptive Easy to say Effective in multiple languages H. New Brand Name Usage: This new battery brand name will be used as a sub-brand to modify (come after) the primary equipment brand to create a difference between the traditional hard-wired equipment and the new battery-powered equipment. Example: Traditional Hard-wired Hoist Brand: Rhino FT9000 New Battery-powered Hoist Brand: Rhino FT9000 (New Battey Brand); Rhino FT9000 (E-Charge) I. Product Positioning: Go Anywhere