We create high quality, media rich learning solutions for those working in or aspiring to work in the health and social care sectors (aged care, disability, nursing, home care services etc).
We hero the learner are we're passionate about inspiring them to improve their life and the quality of the lives of the people they support.
Our learning is primarily online and is co-designed with industry experts. It's also continually updated to ensure it's fresh, relevant and engaging.

We want the brand to be perceived as; earnest, imaginative, heroic and invigorating. The name should convey our passion to standout as an innovative leader in advancing and educating the health and social care sectors.

We are currently providing courses in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand but we have an ambition to provide course globally in the future. In particular, the name will need to work in English speaking markets, continental Europe, China and SE Asia.

Learning/knowledge, enrichment, discovery, heroic, community of learning, ambition and tailor-made.


Reach Learning

by lemonlam

Valiance Learning

by ProGen