Leveraging artificial intelligence to help people (businesses, marketing departments, advertising agencies, bloggers) to produce engaging content.

The artificial intelligence understands who your internal/external customer is and then reads your email, blogs, sales letters, internal businesses cases, proposals, website, social media, etc. & improves the content you are producing so that you can instantly achieve a much higher conversion.

In terms of the name, please use the "4 Layers of Naming": 1) results-oriented power words, 2) repetitive sounds, 3) rhythm, and 4) powerful unconscious associations.

A "Phonological Loop" is the part of our brain that records the last 5 seconds or so of conversation and either forgets or commits it to memory - depending on impact.
Repetitive sounds stay in the phonological loop for longer, for example "Double Your Dating" or "David DeAngelo" or "YouTube."

Resist the temptation to be overly conceptual; instead talk about benefits, outcomes and tangible results.

Use powerful unconscious associations (think Amazon.com and the association with a powerful, wide river in a huge jungle of many species of animals).


A.I. Driven Content

by SariLee

AI Assisted Content

by BrandBoost