We are an international media technology company that is building out a B2B platform to connect businesses in China and the United States to enable them to do business together. We originally started off just helping large Chinese manufacturing companies penetrate the US market as an agency, but we wanted to establish a more scalable model. Now instead of us working individually with Chinese and US companies, we are aiming to be that window of opportunity to enable business between these two countries and globally in the future.

Additional info gathered after contest launch:
What type of name do you want? Professional/Modern/Techie

What style of name do you want? Real Words, Compounds, Blends, Made Up

Keywords you do not want used: China, USA.

Preferred name length: 1-4 Syllables.

Who are your target customers? Chinese businesses and US freelancers/agencies.

What are the names of your top three competitors? Upwork, Digital Agency Network, Yuguo (China), LinkedIn.

For domain-included contests
Which domain extensions are acceptable? Only .com

Does the domain name have to be unregistered? Yes.

Does the domain name have to be an exact match of the suggested name? Yes, unless proved with a brilliant alternative.


TradeKey Technology

by newyorkdeb