This product is for a potential launch of a frozen Coca-Cola blended with spirits. The product would be sold in bars/restaurants.

The name of the platform should ideally be structured as
" _____ Coke Frozen"

We need you to come up with the word in the "blank". The word should (ideally) be an adjective that helps consumers know that the product has alcohol in it. A key watchout is that the adjective should not signal irresponsibility, for example "Smashed" would not be acceptable.

Other name examples that are outside of the structure are also welcome, but would be required to be branded Coke and to indicate the frozen state of the product. Another watchout is the word "Slushy/ Slushie" connotes a non-alcoholic beverage that the company sells and therefore should not be considered

The tone of the name should be approachable and fun, but not immature/sophomoric/irresponsible.


Twist'd Coke Frozen

by CleverBrands