we are a socks company we produce socks in different type for man/woman/classic/sport/compress/boy/boy/girls all types of socks you can imagine.
we need a name to be used as a Brand :
the name is unisex is for all man and woman and students
the name is short
the name is not necessary including the word "socks"
the name is easy to remember
the name is for a young generation 18 to 39 years old
we will need to add a logo, so the name should good for a design a connective logo
the name is international
the name is more for online sale rather offline
the name is SIMPLE, SHORT, FAST to remember
Do Not include my, the, very, hyphen, number in name/domain
the name MUST HAVE FREE NAME IN.COM extension only.(WE only BUY.COM domain)


Cozy Toez

by Lorie74


by txjest