I own a company called The Career Strategy Group (http://www.thecareerstrategygroup.com). We are a career management and outplacement firm.

We work with job seekers when they are laid off....or are searching for a better job. We write brilliant resumes, cover letters, LI profiles, and more...And, we coach in job search strategy, interviewing, salary negotiation, networking and the like. We accelerate job search by 60%.

The issue is: my logo has a hot air balloon in it. And, for years, I've been using the tagline: "land a job faster!" It has bugged me because a hot air balloon doesn't land fast, and the tagline I'm using now is not very inspiring.

I need a new tagline. It can be as short as 4 words, or longer like the one on this site's homepage (peoplefirm.com): "we help you achieve the ultimate win-win: inspired people driving inspiring performance." (Obviously, I can't use this one or it would be copying.)

I'd like it to somehow describe what we do. So, something like "soaring higher" would NOT work because it's not specific enough for me. I would like for the tagline to somehow connect to careers or job search or making a better life somehow. And, while I'd like it to be inspiring, it has to also have a corporate feel. So, buzz words are ok.

I encourage you to go to my website to learn more about what we do before the naming.

A friend of mine has a website with the tagline: People + Culture + Strategy ... I kind of like the idea of this, if we could find the right words.

I'd prefer a bit more advanced word choices....something more corporate and LESS FLUFFY!!!

Keep in mind....we don't find people jobs. We're not recruiters or headhunters. We teach them how to get a job.


Leaving the competition on the ground

by airsmith1