We are cybersecurity company in need of help with naming our new Interactive Executive Security Portal product. We are seeking an innovative, impactful, yet cohesive product name that encapsulates the functions and benefits of the product and that cannot be associated with any other product.

The Interactive Executive Security Portal is a centralized location/portal that's customized for each client, where they can access a variety of security information and reports. A main differentiator is that all of these features are in one central location for clients to access with a single login.

The primary feature of the Portal is the Executive Dashboard which includes an overall vulnerability score and determine how safe their company's security environment truly is. The overall score is comprised of four components that have their own score. Beyond the current scores, the platform provides industry comparison scores and provides them with suggestions on how to improve their score. See attached. This feature is the focus for the portal name.

The primary features of the portal will include:
-Vulnerability Score: See how at risk their company is in terms of a breach
-Recommendations: Suggestions on how to improve the company's overall security posture
-Customized Reporting and Dashboards
-Security Log Search
-Security Alert History and Status

There are 5 main themes that align with the product and have examples of product names that fall under those themes.

Theme #1- Centralized Hub
Example Product Names:Cyberscape,Threatscape, Cyber Commander, Commander, Intelliscape, Security basecamp, Nexus, Risk Nexus

Theme #2: Intel/Insights/Full Vision
Example Product Names:Cyberscope, Intellisight, Periscope, Intelliview, Intelliscope, Risk Prism, Threat Prism

Theme #3: Guidance/Direction/Recommendation
Example Product Names: Risk Compass, CyberCompass, Threat Beacon, Polaris, Polarity

Theme #4: Rating/Score/Measure
Example Product Names:Risk Index, Security Index, Quantum, CyberPosture, Intelliscore , CyberIndex, Cyber Climate, ThreatCon

Theme #5: Obscure/Other
Example Product Names:SecurityEdge, Everest, Cybersphere, Mercury, RiskSphere
CyberMatrix, Security Matrix, Risk Matrix, Apollo

Examples of names that we've already ruled out: Insight, Threat Landscape, Lighthouse, Radar, Altitude, Panorama, Celsius, Vanguard, Spectrum, IntelVault, Threatseeker, Glass, Security Dashboard, Threat Intelligence Dashboards, Security Posture Dashboard, Assessment, Intelliboard, Formula, Quardinants, Terminal, Security Tower, CyberSonar, Surveyor, Surveillance, Lantern, Spark, xray, Baseline, Terrain, Horizon, orbit, Optex, Titan, Apollo, Amplitude, Radius, Encompass, Basecamp, Accuscope, CyberShield, ThreatCon, Threat Dimension, Security Sphere, CyberClimate, Kelvin, Satellite, Risk Forecast, Security DNA



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