The company's mission statement is to place the power of the real estate transaction back in the hands of the individual. Using technology to vertically integrate and automate the process, allowing the purchase of a home without the interference of a physical agent and at a fraction of the cost.

More simply put, we are a real estate company wanting to utilize technology to eliminate a physical real estate agent from both the buying and selling aspects of the transaction. Use that same technology to vertically integrate all aspects of the transaction in one place. This will allow the buyer/seller to electronically execute all aspects of the transaction from teh palm of their hand including schedule a home tour, make offers/counter offers, schedule home inspections and appraisals, apply for a mortgage, title work, and finally the closing.

Most importantly, much like Apple has done with the IPhone, IPad, The Mac, we want to be the brand 80% of America thinks of when they think real estate broker.


TruVision Realty

by colima