We are an affordable luxury watch brand that sells watches online.

Our products are inspired by high end Swiss watches, but made for an affordable price. We are now releasing a more modern luxury style watch, and it needs a name.

Our target market for this watch is men ages 24 to 50. It is designed to be a fusion of modern and classic aesthetics - with a modern, masculine, bold, edgy case design with classic, clean dial details.

When considering the personality behind the product name, it is to represent young, self-made men who wear strong, confident statement pieces and live a modern luxurious lifestyle.

The product name should reflect these characteristics and feelings.

We are now looking for a new name for our latest watch. It is being released in 3 colours: Black / Rose Gold / Silver. Photos can be found below:

I look forward to your names submitted.

Kind Regards.

PS. Absolutely NO made-up words.
PPS. NO elitist/royal-related sounding words.

UPDATE: There are certain words I am liking right now - and I think the name should be a 2 word. Here are some examples to help:

Calibre, Ambassador, Centurion, Vanguard, First Class, Grand Edge, Royal Calibre, Grand Opus.

The word has to be modern-sounding, but exemplify a characteristic of a modern person of status. You can see how these words do this. Try to think along those lines.


Prestige Edition

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