We are building an operations management platform for adult in-home healthcare companies.

Adult in-home health agencies send caregivers to help people in need. We look at the caregivers and clients that these agencies have and optimize the match between them. We do this by looking at things like needs/skills, wage, location, personality, and continuity to create the perfect match that we all want for our loved ones.

We are using a software platform that 1. Plot out, caregivers and clients on a map. 2. Optimize matching to give all parties a better experience. 3. Assign caregivers to clients based to provide optimal client satisfaction, caregivers satisfaction, and overall business operational efficiency. 4. Look back on the assignment to figure out how we can do better, then use targeted recruiting to find caregivers in areas we need, with the skills we need or recommend training for caregivers to apply with more clients.

The primary user of this software will be the staffing coordinators. The caregivers and clients will never know that it exists, they just gain from the personal touch.

We're like a backend match.com for adult in-home health care agencies. We sometimes say that they've done it for the first intimate relationship, but we are doing it for the last.

Historically, the home health industry has been very fragmented. This is because before now, it has been very hard to give hundreds of caregivers and clients the human touch/personal experience that everyone wants for their most cherished loved ones. We allow this human touch to scale.

Looking for fun, outside the box name that is professional. We plan on possibly matching people in other relationships outside of home health, doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, students and teachers, ect.


PersonalPath Home Care

by THerron

Compassion Connection Pro

by NameBlazer