We need a name for a new company that creates intelligent personal security and medical assistance apps.

Our apps enable you to enjoy life, feel safe and quickly get help or assistance you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

We have two apps;
- 'Assist' is a comprehensive, fully monitored personal security and medical assistance network for seniors, people with disabilities, children and their carers or guardians.
- 'Alert' turns any smartphone into a 24/7 personal security device and is ideal for anyone who is concerned about their personal safety when they are alone, in particular children, women and lone workers.

The new name needs to work together with our app names; i.e. 'X Assist' and 'X Alert'.

Themes we want to explore
- What it does; ideas around assistance, help, protector, friend, ally, companion, shield, etc
- What it is trying to achieve; reassurance, confidence, assistance when needed, freedom to live, making the community a safer place
- How it makes you feel; empowered, confident, free, protected, supported, in control, liberated, secure
- Connecting or bringing people together (never feel alone)
- Advanced communications - enhanced, leading-edge communications platform, innovative
- Safety network - a community safety network
- Global assistance capability; anywhere, anytime
- Convenience/easy; one tap, one touch, in your pocket, simple, fast etc

Unrelated/made-up word
- A good sounding two syllable word that is easy to pronounce (primarily English speakers)
- Needs to work with 'Assist' and 'Alert' (and other descriptive app names)
- Either with a meaning (e.g. Koda - Indian "ally") or without (Zumba - made up word)

- Ideally two syllables (max three)
- Easy to pronounce in English
- Has a rhythmic sound
- Needs to work together with our app names; i.e. 'X Assist' and 'X Alert'
- Unique and ownable
- Appealing to a broad range of audiences



by spunkymunky


by HML97