Successful companies aspire to Innovation and Growth. To get there, we augment human intelligence to make people, process and data work together better.

We deliver an one stop shop software to digitize the strategic corporate development process.

With our software, customers can plan their different innovation and growth opportunity scouting activities, run the selection processes and manage the closing and long tail of strategic opportunities in one platfrom

Our software is embracing employees, internal as well as external sources and is using machine learning and AI to recogice success patterns and guiding the process.

In the past, manual work with ppt and xls sucks, is not scalable and people can not really participate in the corporate development process.

We build our software to bring the corporate develoment process to the next, holistic level so that our customers can shape your future sucessfully.

We plan a more emotional branding where our customers can intuitively get what we are doing. Core values are Integrety, Visionary, Achiving goals.

For a single product company, the name should work for business and product (e.g. I work for ...., I work with ....)



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