I want to create a Beautiful Brand of Bracelets/ Accessories!

I would need a Modern/Chic Name for these and they will be for a cause too

I would like to add my story into these bracelets as well.
I am a sexual abuse/suicide/Rape survivor and would like to bring awareness and make sure the young adults are protected and the parents are aware that it is happening every single day. and how they can protect their children with the signs that they can see on their kids. and how they can stop suicide as well... plus how they can turn all of that around and how they can help these children...

And what happens to you as an adult. Because no one talks about these things.
And as an adult, you are embarrassed to bring this up.

My story involves empowering strong women & uplifting them on a daily basis.

Please provide an AWESOME Brand name for me. I want it to be CHIC! :)

My Audience will be Girls
- Ages from 15-35
- She loves to be Adventurous
- Fun and Free-Spirited
- Love Coachella and Music Festivals



Break the Pain

by littledebbie