"Painting With Light" That's what I do. I create photographic art using a long exposure Photographic technique and colored lights. My focus, in the beginning, will be on cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes. I do other types of light painting including abstract art for sale and commissioned pieces with you in the picture. That includes a light painting photo booth for events.
I don't want the name to limit me to any specific target. It is about the Light Painting.
I also don't want people to think I use "paint" because I do not touch their cars. It is an art creation using Light, but it is NOT Photoshop. It is done in the camera. I do a little enhancing in Photoshop but that is it. It is hard to explain so I have provided a link to my "Painting with Light' gallery. It is on my current website. There is even a short video that might help you to understand.
Elevated Events is my current company as an event coordinator and Photographer but this new company will be separate with its own website.


LightWorx Photography

by colima