We are a small technology company looking to grow and our current name just doesn't fit that. A&E Solutions was a quick name we gave ourselves to get the company started knowing we would change it later. It's actually really corny, the owner's names are Anthony & Edouard. Yeah, douche chill right. :) Well, the company started to get customers and the name change never happened and they couldn't come up with a name that they all could agree on. So, they left it at this point. They would like the name to be something modern and professional and a website that is easy to get to. .com and not a premium .com domain name either. They want to be able to appeal to both fortune 500 and to the start-ups.
A&E moves your business at the speed of digital. We build tools and applications that are rooted in your business' needs, allowing you to build the applications and capabilities that you need, not that your content management systems say you can have.
The flagship software "RAPID" allows fortune 500 companies that use (AEM) "Adobe Experience Manager", to use any programming language to develop large-scale web applications. AEM - is an enterprise content management system (CSM), which ends up being the central hub for everything digital. Content Management Systems (CMS) are serving the website up to customers, the main touch point for uploading content and images for marketing teams and where developers go to build the code for the website. With such a large and complicated important system, there any many drawbacks. Our software is a plug-in that allows companies that own AEM the ability to "BYOL" - Bring your own Language, to the development process. Right now, without RAPID, you can only use one supported programming language that is provided with the CMS. Our software does many other things but that is the big drawl. A&E Solutions makes a CMS that has many restrictions, almost restrictionless.
We also provide professional services along with our software. In addition, we are putting the finishing touches on having a website that can be completely automated, so anyone can download the software, get a license, free 30-day trial and pay for it all on the new e-commerce site, which is set to lunch in early December.
Next Steps - The Company goal is to take the flagship product RAPID - the plug-in for AEM and complete our own CMS that would allow companies to use any programming language, be agnostic, headless and decoupled and still give the same in-page user experience marketers love about AEM. We are very niche and just a bunch of guys who love solving problems and helping people save a ton of time and money. The owners used to be in corporate and after watching companies throw money away they came up with their own software.



by Southerncharm