Organizations whose missions support sexual and reproductive health, choices, and access for women are historically underfunded, inadequately staffed, and administered by individuals who are overworked, underpaid and sometimes subjected to threats of violence.

The primary purpose of our nonprofit is to relieve the burdens of operations, marketing, and planning for abortion, reproductive and sexual health clinics and organizations, to allow the staff and leadership to focus on completely and freely providing care for their constituents without extraneous worries. We will be the hub struggling organizations turn to for expert advice and in-house service provisions to undertake complex projects they would not otherwise be able to manage themselves, be it for lack of time, funding, or expertise. We will also be responsive to needs, continually engaging with the communities we serve ensuring our services remain necessary in the political and social climates we live in, adapting them as needed.

Specifically, our nonprofit will serve independent abortion clinics who, despite being health care providers, operate under levels of scrutiny and pressures unlike other other health care providers. In time, we will expand our services to include the support of more extensive sexual healthcare and domestic violence prevention and care.

Our nonprofit be led by the cofounders and comprised of a team of in-house staff, consultants, and pro bono experts to fill the needs most commonly requested by our clients.

Our nonprofit works to support the lives and autonomy of women-identified individuals by providing supportive services to underfunded and underserved community organizations whose missions support women and children.

To provide comprehensive, reliable services to sexual and reproductive health organizations who support women-identified individuals.
To build community support and resources for service providers.
To create economically and emotionally sustainable organizations.


Empowered Care Solutions

by Catboots