The "product" is used by DIY homeowners when performing paint projects. Product will be available and sold at big box home improvement centers and hardware stores.

The product performs two functions:
1. Stores lid from one-gallon paint can lid while off the can
2. Catches any dripping paint running down side of paint can

To use the product, open the storage compartment and insert lid from open paint can. (storage department is like a clam - a top and bottom half with a living hinge on one side and a clasp on opposite side of hinge)
Place open one-gallon paint can on top of lid of storage compartment.
Rotate cross arms up and over top of paint can to capture and hold paint can in place.

From the patent:
The present invention relates generally to a storage system and method for use thereof, and more specifically to a storage system for retaining a paint lid and paint can during use.

When painting using standard cans of paint, there is presently not a good manner in which to keep the lid within proximity of the paint can without also subjecting the user and the surrounding environment to potentially accidental distribution of paint from the paint lid. What is needed is a system for storing a paint lid while also keeping it in proximity to the can so that it is not misplaced or subject to smearing paint from the lid where not desired.

The present invention generally provides a storage compartment formed from two halves designed to fit a paint lid, the two halves being connected by a living hinge or other suitable connection type. The two halves can be sealed over the paint lid, ensuring the lid remains in proximity to the paint can. Molded clasps or other closure elements are used to close the lid over the storage compartment. A rotatable arm can be tilted up from the storage compartment to secure paint can to top of storage compartment.


Lid Keeper Pro

by THerron