This contest is to name a product line that will include marijuana edibles, topicals, flower (marijuana buds) and concentrates. The line of marijuana products will be sold in a dispensary to adult-use (recreational) & medical users.

In an unregulated industry where production standards vary state by state, it's too easy to buy a cannabis product without really knowing what's in it. Our goal is to remove that risk and make you as confident buying our products as you now are purchasing alcoholic beverages. Our packaging is informative, honest, and easy to understand so you know exactly what you're consuming. We're fully transparent about where we get our locally sourced ingredients, the precise percentages of THC and CBD, and what the products are designed to do, from helping you relax to unlocking creativity, heightening taste sensations and feeling more energized. And we give you control over the amount of THC you consume by offering low, medium and high dosing options in all our products.

The result is a brand that takes the risk out of buying recreational cannabis by putting you in complete control of every experience.

1) Use "canna" "marijuana" "420" "cannabis" "mary jane" or slang related marijuana words in the name of the product line.
2) Use words that exude luxury, high end, quality.
3) Must be a professional name, for products sold to adults & adults only (no under 21).



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NewHorizon Herbs

by Love1520