A unique range of vapor inhaling products.

This is a new and easy to use technology that gently opens your nose while delivering a soothing blend of pure essential oils. An innovative nasal dilator, it's very small, easy to use, discrete and can be comfortably worn in your nose during the day or all night.

Our range is completely natural and drug free with three variations, each with a different blend of essential oils designed to;
- Clear a blocked or stuffy nose; for congestion, cold, flu, allergies etc
- Help you calm down, relax, recharge and focus; for mindfulness and relaxation etc.
- Help you get to sleep and stay asleep; for insomnia/better sleep

Please note:
We need one name that works across the entire range of products (i.e. needs to work for the congestion, mindfulness and sleep product).



by Jersey Girl


by Sarahr