We need a name for a new B2B IT SaaS product. The product is a web-service that connects buyers and suppliers and is 3-in-1:
1. an RFx automation tool like scoutrfp.com
2. a supplier information management system like gateekeeperhq.com
3. a supplier network like ariba.com

Style: compounds, blends, made up, misspelled

Keywords: trust, network, chain, supply, bid, request, proposal, invite, qualify, lookup, discovery, compliance, single source of truth, tool, tender, procurement, cost, bidtable, comparison, selection, evaluation, side by side, analysis etc.

Competitors: coupa.com, scoutrfp.com, gatekeeperhq.com, determine.com, ivalua.com, ionwave.com, gobonfire.com, sourceithq.com, nextbuy24.com, vendorful.com, sourcedogg.com, sutiprocure.com.

The name should be 1-word, an exact match with the domain. Only .com, .io, .co extentions are ok unless the TLD is a part of the name like goog.le. The domain must be free of course. We don't want exact keywords related to the functions in the name, e.g. scoutRFP or sutiPROCURE. Best examples (competitors): vendorful, coupa, gatekeeper, bonfire, determine.



by newyorkdeb


by littledebbie