We are starting a new edible / cannabis products line. We need a name that will be the product name and also the business name. The name must have a domain name associated with it but it does not have to be just that product name.

For example.

Let's say you have a name
you must find a domain name that is easy to remember and type such as
'KissEdibles.com" or "kissproducts.com"
The domain name must be .COM no others will work

The above is only an example - we know both of those domains are already taken.

We want the name to be no more than 5 characters long - we would prefer to have a name that is only 4 characters long - easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Think of someone that is going into a store to ask for that product - how easy does it come off the tongue. We DO NOT want to have generic cannabis terms such as

we want to have a name that stands out from the rest of the names that are sounding like cannabis or hemp or merijuana - we want something different.

SOME of the bigger names in this space are - we want a name that is better and stronger


Plus products
Select oils
Brass Knuckles
Heavy Hitters
Kiva Confections
Pure Vape

We want a name that is geared towards an older audience 50+ age range - we don't want too playful of a name.

the .COM is very important - if you don't have a domain that is available and sounds great and easy to remember than you will not be considered for the prize.

You can add names to end of the domain to make it work
such as 'edibles' 'products' etc...


MONK Edibles

by FamousNames