A research and development company is building an online self-management program/website for adults who have lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. The main objective of the online program/website is to assist patients with the management of lupus. The program will focus on four key behaviors: 1) managing symptoms; 2) managing distress; 3) managing medications, and 4) working with your healthcare team.

This program is unique because it will provide behavior change guidance based on how ready the individual is to self-manage their lupus. The program will feature an intake portion that includes questions about each patient's experience with lupus and feedback/guidance based on those answers. At the end of the intake questions/guidance portion of the program, a customized interactive list of 'activities' (articles, information, videos, quizzes), interactive symptom trackers, a lupus journal, and more information about the four key behaviors will be available. Patients will also have the option to sign up for emails and text messages that include tips to continue progressing in their lupus self-management journey.

The name cannot contain the following words or phrases: lupus connect, lupus living, management, self-management, living with lupus. One or two words would be optimal. It is important for the name to be accessible, appropriate for women and men with Lupus, positive, and catchy. Open to play on words and acronyms if appropriate.