Holistic health and wellness facility and services.
1) I will offer private sessions for clients, and I am trained in several types of therapeutic modalities:
- BodyTalk (Energy medicine - for more info go here: https://www.bodytalksystem.com/learn/bodytalk/)
- Reiki
- Aromatouch (technique of applying essential oils)
- Somatic Experiencing (a type of body-based talk therapy)
- EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (type of therapy that combines Western Psychology and Eastern Reflexology)
- Counselling (I'm a former social worker)
2) Will sell health and wellness products, through two major companies (Melaleuca and doTerra).
3) Will offer regular times for community members to use the space for yoga, meditation, socializing.
4) Will offer occasional classes on a variety of health and wellness subjects (e.g. mental health, stress management, parenting, relationships, etc.).
5) Will have guest practitioners come in to offer services (e.g. massage, reflexology).
My business is located in a small town called Mossbank in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Population less than 500 in town, approx. 1500 in surrounding rural areas. My building is a historic feature in our town, as it was a former Mason's lodge, and also formerly used for visiting/socializing for military members during WWII, as Mossbank was home to a training facility for Canadian Airforce members for many years.


Holistic Wellness Lodge

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Healing Touch Lodge

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