We need a new business name that better reflects our new strategy and business model. We are a research/management consulting firm that provides services primarily to government and non-profit organizations and, to a lesser degree, the private sector. Like most consulting firms, we have traditionally delivered our services primarily through project teams composed of our in-house staff of consultants. However, our market research indicated that our clients are increasingly looking for more specialized expertise, faster turnaround times on projects, and analysis that requires more advanced tools and technologies. To facilitate this, we have developed a new business model that incorporates a large network of more than 200 outside consultants (whom we call associates) who work with us as part of project teams. This strategy enables us to deliver a wider range of services, offer clients more specialized expertise, complete assignments more quickly, and be more flexible. It has also given us the critical mass we needed to invest in developing and adopting new consulting tools and technologies. We believe that this model is unique in our markets and a big competitive advantage for us. Better teams, talent, tools and technologies mean that we can generate better results for our clients and better help them to transform their programs, products and services.

We are looking for a name that will, in association with a tagline, convey the benefits of this model to clients. By connecting with clients, the name will also help us in attracting highly-skilled associates. Your read more about our business at https://www.ggiplatform.ca. We used the name GGI Platform when we piloted the business model earlier this year to see if we could attract associates (we can) but do not want to use either GGI or Platform in our new name.


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