The product is label printer / printing press that produces full-color labels at high speed and high quality. Slightly larger than a desk, this piece of industrial equipment will be able to produce thousands of labels per hour in large batches or in small quantities.
*The target market for this printer is businesses that print commercially, new or side-businesses that are growing rapidly, and companies that want to move their label printing in-house to reduce costs and excess label inventory.
*Ideal label applications include expensive products such as wine, craft beer, cannabis products, cosmetics, medical devices, and food packaging labels as opposed to low-cost labels for plastic water bottles.
*Key features of the new industrial label printer will include:
- inline image verification for on-the-fly printhead adjustment (for better quality),
- a wide print path (for more labels per print, faster speed),
- mechanically engineered to be durable (for minimal downtime),
- high-quality/high-resolution labels (for bright colors and crisp legible text and graphics which allows products to appeal to consumers)
- a sleek design to emphasize this is an industrial workhorse and priced accordingly for businesses and not individuals (estimated in the $20-30,000 range)


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by Sarahr


by Bernard