Below is what we are creating - two companies that are linked together - one that is a tech/software company and one that offers virtual Chief Sustainability Officer Services (much like other virtual or fractional services for CFO, CMO's etc.) We need a name for both, right now we are calling the software company, TealTech, and the virtual CSO service VCSO - but we need new names for both. The taglines, which we like for both are below. The description for VCSO is below.

Tagline for VCSO: Sustainability On Demand
Tagline for TealTech: Sustainability Simplified

Virtual Chief Sustainability Officers (VCSO)
- Rapid access to seasoned sustainability executives with comprehensive, hands-on experience
- Get on-demand leadership for less than the cost of a full-time executive
- Retain one VCSO and gain knowledge from the entire VCSO team

Sustainability Simplified Cloud-Based Platform
- SaaS-based suite of comprehensive software to assess, manage and report on sustainability performance
- Platform for ongoing simplified sustainability management

Internal Capacity Building
- Board, executive, and employee training, coaching and mentoring to build internal capacity for sustainability management
- Curated, latest sustainability research

- Increasing external pressure, disclosure requirements and expectations to understand and address relevant sustainability issues
- Cost-effective approach to sustainability management with seasoned executives

- Medium size companies

- Virtual, with the ability to provide on-site service as needed
- Operating globally with offices in Austin and NYC

- Access to seasoned sustainability executives
- Access to online tools for comprehensive sustainability management
- Internal capacity building


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