Healthy Human is a company that currently manufactures insulated hydration products. Our customer demographic are younger / outdoor and health-based consumers. They are into clean living, sustainability, and healthy food.

We are launching a new product that consists of dissolvable tablets/powders that can be dropped in water. The products will come with different health benefits including:

Sports Recovery
Better Hydration

You can see an image which shows the example product here:

The tables work similar to Alka seltzer - they dissolve in around 3 minutes. Each of the products will come in 3-4 flavors. They will be packaged in a tube for easy carrying on the go.

We are seeking a name that is catchy - it should be fun and lively and appeal to customers to pick-up a tube at the grocery store checkout.

We like names such as "5 Hour entry" & "Emergen C"

We do not need the domain name - the name will be used on the product packaging and sold on our existing website. We look forward to seeing your name suggestion!


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by aloha