No fluff Coaching and Training.

We meet real estate agent where they're at through tips, training, group coaching and one on one coaching. Our goal is to build a team of coaches that can deliver an amazing and powerful shot of information, education and implementation to help agents get the most out of their specific business goals and stay true to their mission / personality.

We are creating a culture of badass entrepreneurs that work together, support each other, share successes and failures. We then celebrate with events, awards and have sweet swag to bring them into a tribe-like environment. ***Our name should include a way to describe our tribe. Ex: Clickfunnels is brand name, funnel hackers is the description of their tribe***

We take a holistic approach and work with and on the whole human. Conscious closers. Relentless elimination of what's not working. Less hours, stress, and distractions. More money, fulfillment, and purpose.

For coaches (clients), we supply the agents to coach along with a specific format of content, training modules, coach support group, structure on how to coach.For agents (customer), we provide the tools, educational system and coaching support to become an effective agent and stay true to their goals and authentic self.

We joke that the typical Realtor day is a cycle of Coffee, Stress, Alcohol. Repeat. Lots of stress and anxiety. Agents have no idea where business is coming from or what their revenue projections are. They stress about missing details and deadlines.

First, we brain dump. Second, we eliminate what's not working. Third, we get clear on time blocking and priorities. Fourth, we implement simple tools for accountability and optics on their business. Fifth, we stay focused and consistent. Success is time on task and repetitions.

Goal is to eventually train and coach outside of the real estate industry.


Catalyst Sales Coaching

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