**A new restaurant with an offline and online experience***
Welcome to Catering's Latest Trend: Food Stations.
Mixing the most delicate parts of the buffets and the most exceptional aspects of the Sit-Down Dinner, the guests will love this alternative. A Live "Food" stations have a Buffet Deal for all the Variety of Flavors but without the Sloppy Cafeteria Look.
Plus, you get the Chic Plated Dishes Presentation and the Finer Ingredient Focus that makes a Sit-Down Stand Apart. or they can grab it and go....
Our roots are anchored in the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the green of fresh fruits and vegetables and the brown colour of the earth and the most delicate pastries.

Our name must relate to this description and in the same time the web experience will be key, so the name needs to be easy to find and use as a URL

In a nutshell, Grab and go/ Live food station and catering are the 3 concepts that represent our experience.



by Aprylbee