Hello. I am starting my own micro private equity firm, and am looking for a business name with matching available domain name.

Typical private equity firms invest $50m and above, while in micro private equity the investment is around $250k.

Our investment theme is online businesses - such as, eCommerce, Apps, SaaS, online portals etc. Our objective is: to buy a number of these small/micro companies through equity and debt, to create a portfolio, drive value creation through streamlining operations. Most businesses we would acquire are 1 to 3 people in size, cash flow positive, wherein the founder wants to exit (tired/lonely/wants a cash pay out/do something else). Its usually a technology transfer. We acquire and bolt each business onto our operations platform to takeover and manage,

The concept of micro private equity AND online/digital/industrial revolution 4.0 type businesses is relatively new. And would like the brand to stand out as young/disruptive business models/online/fast paced/high velocity/strategic portfolio/diversified risk (based on size, and online theme)

A lot of the really good domain names seem like already taken, so kindly check domain availability


ClickFirst Capital

by mikeyb

MainClick Capital

by mikeyb