Organic Bottled Frit 100% Juices and Jams, Honey and dried fruit
Pomegranate, Cherry, Peach, Mango, Apple, Beetroot, Appricotes, Blueberry
We need a name that we can trademark so please send us the names that are unique and protectable.. Unless we protect the name your name won't have any use since it's a food product and not protected name shall generate lots of potential legal issues.. We need this name to be applicable to dried fruits and honey as well.. Jams too.

We like the following names that can not be protected: Fruit Trader, Heritage Farms, FRuit Smart, Garden Fresh, Frutopia.
Here are names we can trademark yet we would like to get better choices: Terrafrost, Grubscout, Stepisville, Alexia,

We hope you can deliver a good trademarkable name for us



by 4211Camellia