We are the founders of a real estate marketing agency for real estate investors called "Motivated Leads" We named our company Motivated Leads because we build marketing packages for specifically Real Estate Investors. We are looking to create an email newsletter targeted to Real estate investors that talks about what is happening currently in the real estate industry overall. This will share news, market update, and the overall economy. This newsletter will go out weekly.

We want a fun name that is very memorable. The biggest in the industry is a company named "Bigger Pockets" which is pretty cool but this newsletter is going to be witty and easy to read so we want the name to match. There are 2 marketing newsletters we love the names of 1 is called "Raisin Bread" another is "Funnel Cake" then some others that are cool to us that are known newsletters are "The Hustle" "Morning Brew" we love names of that of that sort.



by moniker


by moniker