My company wants to name and brand a cannabis infusion for edibles and beverages. Our infusion is completely tasteless and odorless such that the beverage or edible is enjoyed simply for the taste of the product as is, and is not overwhelmed by ingredients (lots of sugar or acidic approaches) to try to mask the pungent and unpleasant cannabis flavor. We are looking for a short, pithy brand name that will reflect that the product is of high quality, and/or has no trace of bad cannabis flavor. Many adjectives come to mind - hidden, undetectable, concealed, encapsulated, masked, cloaked, vanish, traceless, stealth, intangible, exquisite, beneficent, atmospheric, hidden treasure, savory, sublime, but don't feel limited by these ideas. Four highly successful "ingredient brands" (instead of product brands) include Intel Inside, Gore-Tex, Nutrasweet, and Dolby. While clever names are welcome, successful ingredient brands usually will have a quality/seriousness context vs. humorous, whimsical, or provocative approach. Best names will be one or two words. ADDENDUM: Fantastic entries so far. There may be an ultimate winner already. One thing I thought of later was it would be great if the name implied greatness such that anyone else's product was inferior. For example, when the term "smart phone" came out...if you did not own a smart phone, then by default, you must own a "dumb" phone and who wants that!



by Willow


by littledebbie