Name required for a UK online Lighting Store selling general light bulbs for the home/ work, interior ceiling lighting for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor security lighting and all types of lightbulbs and light sockets, switches and fittings.

We are UK mid Range market with average sale of around £15 - £30 for light bulbs etc

My competitors all sound the same and nothing stands out. See their business names below:

My name needs to meet these 4 criteria:

The name should avoid using the word lights or lighting in it, otherwise I feel it will just sound like one of my competitors and not stand out.
The name should have relevance to the lighting sector I am in.
The name to be Modern
The name to sound trustworthy
The name should sound like a large established online lighting store.



by colima

Allbright Lights

by dakerr1