Desoline’s PDF Reader & Scanner allows you to read, scan, sign, annotate, and share PDFs between any devices, and upload everything securely to the cloud. You can also listen to your documents with our cutting-edge “narrator” feature!

Create PDFs
• Create PDF documents quickly from your own gallery, camera, or both.
• Auto-crop, apply filters, or change page order.

Annotate PDFs
• Comment on PDFs directly using sticky notes and drawing tools.
• Annotate PDF documents with highlights and markup texts.
• Sign PDFs with your own signature or initials, with your choice of ink colors.

Share PDFs
• Share a copy with others.
• Share a link with others, by email or other media platforms, with options for view-only and expiration time.
• Access shared PDFs quickly--simply view, review, sign and send!

• Listen to your PDF documents—handy when driving, exercising, or doing chores!
• Adjust language, pitch, speech rate according to your preferences.
• Pause, stop, and resume at any point.



by Yellow229