A new premium “Instagram influencer” type brand which will use sleeping better as a method for beauty and fitness for women.

Have more energy, look better, be more alive, better skin, longer lashes, nicer hair. Feel better, preform better, recover better and look better. Relax, revive, recover. Glow. Energise. Revive.

Targeting women 25-55.

Premium branding. Could have a fun or connecting feel to it.

I would prefer to focus the words around the benefits rather than sleep, I’m open to both however.

Brands I like are other brands targeting the same market but not with the same products. Beauty brands like frank body, alya skin, etc.

I would prefer words spelled correctly, or if they are made up to be easy to spell, say and remember. I don't mind 2 words or maybe even 3. I don’t mind naming it a name like Frank body is.

This is a premium brand I do not want a cheesy name like sleep pro.

Think along the lines of something that will look premium printed on a t shirt and packaging. This doesn’t mean it has to be an actual name like Louis Vuitton etc, there are names that are premium which are made up and even names that are just regular words or 2 like Apple.

I like benefit cosmetics fun but premium branding. The name “spell” would work perfectly as it means both nap and magic so you could play off of the magic theme if it was called that. It also sounds premium, see it doesn’t have to be someone’s name to be premium? However spell is taken and I’m unlikely to use it with another word with it so don’t get too hung up on that word.