We are UPTIME Energy. We're a different kind of energy drink. We are the only energy drink in a sleek, resealable bottle, not in a traditional 16oz can like Monster, Bang, Rockstar, etc. (see to view our packaging). Our design is minimalist and classy. We are "better-for-you" because have fewer unpronounceable ingredients than our competition. We provide a balanced, sustainable lift for mental focus and clarity. We taste refreshingly effervescent. You won't feel embarrassed or self-conscious drinking from our fashionable bottle in a business meeting.

Our Brand Story:
"All energy is not created equal. You know what we mean. That jolt, the jitters, followed by a crash. It’s a quick fix. 

UPTIME Energy is different.  Our sparkling goodness gives you a gentle boost in the right direction. You were headed there anyways. You know what’s on your agenda. You’ve got an eye on the next level.  You just need a nudge to get going. And it wouldn't hurt if it tasted great and quenched your thirst too. That’s where we come in. 

Our formula was designed to do the work with you. As you advance on your next milestone and take strides toward an audacious goal, UPTIME is there to replenish, refocus and refuel."

Our Brand Mission:
"Our mission is to redefine the energy drink category and stand out against the loud crowd of cans with something better—Better ingredients, Better Design, Better taste—to Democratize energy and make it available and acceptable for all"

Our Tone:
Confident, witty, concise, motivating, energetic

Tagline Need:
Our upcoming marketing campaign will focus on embracing that we are a different kind of energy (i.e. package, design, fewer ingredients, great taste, acceptable to drink, targeting the busy gender-neutral professional/worker instead of hyper masculine, action-sports enthusiast).

We need a tagline that will be the overarching descriptor of our "we're proud to be different" campaign. We want something clever, confident, punchy and memorable.


Different By Design

by moniker

Embrace the Difference

by CleverBrands