We are a premium personal fitness and health studio/club in Portugal. The studio is made of a modern, wood, and grey style, where personal training happens in a very customised way. Personnel are the best in town and very professional which gives confidence to the clients.
The clinic is mainly comprised of osteopathy, nutrition and physiotherapy.
Clients usually use both facilities, which reinforces our concept: to give a whole body heath solution from exercise, to nutrition to therapy.

We would like to have 1 or 2 words for the naming, something more aspirational and concept based ( well-being ), than the normal fitness clubs. Not relation to "strong, jump, power, fit, fitness, sports, gym,". Equinox is a good example of a life style brand, a name that has no relation to fitness. It is simple. memorable, easy to pronounce in any language.


Essence Health Studio

by Authenticj

Solstice Fitness Studio

by littledebbie