Currently the [X] Group contains x6 companies that are leaders in their respective fields of creative solutions, marketing strategy, digital design and development, brand licensing, promotions and world- leading digital tools and analytics.

Imagine this is the indicative intro for every individual company:
[COMPANY X] is part of the [INSERT NAME] Group, an integrated brand partnerships agency.
We combine strategic insights, licensing, marketing and communications capabilities to build and extend great brands.
Offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Paris and Tel Aviv, with global service delivery capabilities.

With our new Group name we want to increase the focus on PARTNERSHIPS and BRINGING BRANDS TOGETHER IN NEW AND POWERFUL WAYS as a core message of the group.

The name needs to be sufficiently flexible to cover the marketing and digital capabilities within our mix, both today and into the future and relevant themes to consider include:
• Marketing and communications
• Branding
• Digital / technology
• Partnerships, harmony and connection
• Forward thinking / progressive

Who we are:
Authentic, transparent and accountable
Passionate about our clients and consumers
Strategic, data and insights-driven
Determined to keep growing and learning

What we stand for:
Balancing profit and purpose
Promoting equality and diversity
Supporting sustainability and the environment


Confluence Group

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