A monthly subscription box of fun games for people with moderate dementia. Every month, the patient and the caregiver will share an exciting moment while discovering the new box. It will be delivered directly to the patient’s home or nursing home, so there is no need to spend hours browsing the Internet. The research has been done for you. We include five or more games designed with health specialists that match difficulty levels for dementia patients and interact on sensory, logic, and physical levels. Everything is made to ensure that the person has fun and gains self-confidence while engaging in brain stimulation games. We provide all material and instruction, making it easy to offer the monthly box as a gift while being easily played alone or with another person. This material is also a fun way to pass the time while visiting. We provide games encouraging social connections and give tips for further discussion, advised by our health specialists who overlook each activity to guarantee success. Our games are built to be played over and over for continued fun and stimulation.


JollyJoy Activities

by littledebbie