We want to open a new vegetarian fast food restaurant that is also mostly vegan. We want to compete directly against the big chains which peddle fatty and unhealthy foods to people. Our foods will all be baked or pressure cooked, never will anything be fried in fatty oils.
We'll have vegan patties with different flavors that will make sandwiches, and we'll also have salads, pizzas, and burritos/tacos all made with vegetarian ingredients. We will bake all our own goods in the store each day like Subway does, however we will use only whole grains and whole flours. All our food will be balanced between grains and legumes so that it contains a full 16 amino-acids of protein like meat has.
Some of our side dishes will include air-popped popcorn, fresh baked crackers, and daily baked corn bread wedges.
We will also have monthly specials that offer vegetarian dishes from around the world from such countries as India, Italy, France, Mexico, China, etc.
We will be environmentally conscious, send all our unclaimed food to homeless shelters each day, and send our spoiled food to farm compost sites.
We will prepare many foods ahead of time so that our drive-through and counter sales will be as fast or faster than the major fast food companies of today.
Our foods will have only healthy avocado oil or olive oil and will be the recommended 20% calories from fats, not the 45% or more fat like in fatty fast foods of today. Our prices will always be significantly lower than fatty fast food prices, and we will focus on wealth creation opportunities in poorer areas as well as hunger relief efforts around the world. We will have franchises around the world and encourage ownership of our shops by people of all different backgrounds, languages, and cultures.


Garden Harvest Express

by shadow4852