We are a operator in London, UK and have a couple of bars at a venue called Pop Brixton.

Pop Brixton has used recycled shipping containers and reclaimed materials to transform an empty plot of land in the heart of Brixton, South London, into a thriving community space that is now home to around 50 local businesses.

Our members include street food businesses, retail boutiques, creative studios, social enterprises, a youth radio station and a community barbershop.

We operate two bars this site:

1) The first bar sells locally brewed beers from independent businesses. We have names this bar Brixton & Friends.

2) The second is what we are looking for a name for. This bar will be selling international branded beers/spirits/cocktails. Eg - Heineken, Red Stripe, Guiness, etc.

Below are some parameters around what we would like the name to be around:

- The site is made out of shipping containers. Our bar is the same, we operate from a 40ft container. We thinking linking this to travel or something with international brands could be cool.

- We don’t want the name to be linked to the word “Pop” and want it to have it’s own identity that sources international brands but is still part of the community.

- The site is a very hip and cool place to be. So we are looking for cool catch name. Nothing sophisticated.

- I would suggest looking at some pictures of the site to understand the vibe of the space

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


The Freight Liner

by txjest