Our client has developed 2 software products that they one day wish to commercialise. We need a name for both, with some logic helps them be seen as a family yet individual enough to stand on their own. They are specific to the supply chain and freight logistics industry.

Current names (which are meaningless and we wish to change): Polaris and Sirius.
It is important that the names give some reference (even subtle) to what the product does i.e Indesign, Hubspot (Hub for your contacts), Outlook (overview), even Zoom (digital connection). Therefore, the name should help the audience understand something about the product. We hope to use the naming logic to add more products in the future.

The product names will be preceded by the company name as per endorsed branding architecture i.e [company name] - [product name] i.e Adobe Photoshop.

- unique and ownable
- memorable
- make reference to what the product does
- the 2 names need to work as a family
- easy to say
- cannot be confused with other existing products

About the products:

SIRIUS - a supply chain design tool
(current name being replaced)

Sirius is a supply chain network design tool.
Sirius adopts an integrated and bottom-up design approach to design large-scale, complex, automated supply chain networks.

POLARIS - procurement modelling and order placing tool
(current name being replaced)

Polaris is a process automation software for freight procurement and assessment.
Polaris maps out all possible supply chain options, considering, time, cost, risk and proposes a number of possible solutions in which to move products around the world. Once the proposed solution is selected it will allow you to secure this by placing orders with the various freight companies.
This takes what is a highly tedious process of contacting all potential suppliers and modelling the various options, by automating the process.


SupplySync & ProcureSync

by moniker