Our vision is to create equal opportunities by communicating inclusively using tech. Develop Diverse enables companies to build diverse and inclusive workplaces by ensuring they attract diverse talent and lay the foundation for a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Today, our platform used by companies in more than 35 countries across 5 continents. Based on many years of international research and Machine Learning, we have developed a unique software solution that enables companies to optimize their language in job postings and employer branding to be more inclusive and remove unconscious bias around gender, age, ethnicity, neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+ and physical disability. It is like a spell-checker but instead of detecting grammatical mistakes, it detects biased language and educates the user at the same time.

The current mission is to provide for any type of communication channel in the workplace; and the big vision is that the software is used by every single person for any type of communication in all the devices they use, so the user can become conscious of their own unconscious bias while they type or speak daily. It is like having an unconscious bias trainer with you, if you wish for it.

3 relevant points:

We focus on inclusive writing instead of targeted writing. We ensure words appeal to and include everyone. It allows companies today to onboard a greater diversity of voices and develop a culture of inclusion. Our inclusive writing platform detects biased words and suggests inclusive and non-stereotypic alternatives.

Our software allows you to understand the impact of your words and thus make an informed decision of what words to use.
For every indicated biased word, you can see what diverse groups will be discouraged by it. Besides, you get a unique and thorough explanation of “why” the word is biased based on scientific-research.

Our writing platform has been built using in-house research and scientific articles within sociology and psycholinguistics to understand how social stereotypes unconsciously influence our written and spoken language. Our technology also leverages AI technologies to keep with the continuous language evolution.



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