We are a software consultancy/agency specializing in software applications (web, mobile, etc.) related to commerce.

The types of apps we design and develop are:

- Custom B2B marketplaces
- Sales dashboards
- Internal apps and tooling for sales and marketing departments
- SaaS (software as a service)
- Data science for market research, sales analysis, etc.
- eCommerce

We take care of the entire software development cycle, from discovery, consultancy, analysis, design, software engineering / development, and maintenance.

We go "well beyond eCommerce" in that we build many types of application with commerce as a common thread, but much more diversified and complex.

Therefore the use of the word "commerce" in some combination would be a good option, but it's important to not use "eCommerce" explicitly in order to not be confused with shops that only build stores.

We want a modern and tech-oriented brand that transmits competence, diligence, commercial/business expertise, and boldness. And of course it should have

Our target clients are marketing, IT, and innovation departments at large companies, but we also work with SMEs and startups who lack any technical expertise.

Many of our clients praise how we bring together a thorough understanding of the world of business (the language most of our clients speak), with great know-how of design and technology.


TechFront Commerce

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NovaTech Commerce

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