We create great tasting, functional beverages that improve your performance. Our mission is to improve people’s well-being by delivering best-in-class performance beverages and by working to ensure people have access to clean, sustainable water sources. Our launch products will likely include an inflamation reducing turmeric based instant columbian coffee (currently named Higher Grounds, but open to new ideas on all product names), a metabolic weight loss/weight control rip stick (currently being named) and a hydration/electrolyte replacement rip stick (currently named Quench). Future products may include coffee add-ons and tea products along with any beverage product that includes a functional component to improve people's daily performance.

We want to be the go-to digital performance center, delivering innovative solutions to improve performance in people's daily life. Our comprehensive offering will provide a one-stop shopping experience for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual performance solutions. Additionally, we will partner with the leading water authorities to provide clean, sustainable water alternatives. In ten years, we want to have a positive impact on the lives of at least ten million people globally.

Social Impact: To end water scarcity and expand access to clean water. We will work to raise awareness of and to improve the understanding of water scarcity and people’s ability to access clean water globally. We will partner with clean water organizations with like goals to increase our impact. We will donate $1.00 from every product sold to a water related organization or project around the world. In the course of ten years, our objective is to raise $10 million dollars for water scarcity and clean water initiatives around the globe.



by Nymeria