We raise angora goats for their mohair. Our ranch is called Red Falcon Ranch and we are located in the Rocky Mountains of north Idaho. We are starting a mohair knitwear company. Our first product will be socks. We will then add to the product line with beanie hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, and rugs. We believe in a sustainable lifestyle and raise our goats with that in mind. Our motto is "keeping it natural". We believe in maintaining healthy and productive pastures for our goats. All of our goats are named and are very much loved. We believe in keeping our footprint on earth as small as possible. When we cleanout the barn in the spring, we compost all of the old hay, straw, and manure.

Our goats are both white and naturally colored. Our sock line will consist of natural white, natural brown, and natural gray. In addition, we will botanically dye a portion of the white so we can incorporate color without using chemical dyes. These colorways will also be used in our future product offerings.

Some words to describe our new knitwear business are: aspirational, authentic lifestyle, casual outdoor wear (not hardcore performance), earth, nature, evoking emotion with our ranch backstory, timeless, looking forward, gender neutral, botanical, the characteristics of mohair (luxury, silky), sustainable, slow fashion, NOT milennial, affluent buyer with the discretionary income to buy a $35 pair of socks, scientific name of a goat is Caprine.