We are a tree service that has a Youtube channel with a modest following.
We recently had the leader of the channel "Guilty of Treeson" leave to go do other things.
We need to change the current logo and channel name, but are having a hard time coming up with an alternative name for the channel.
We want it to stay somewhat synonymous/similar to what it is now, which is "Guilty of Treeson at Eastside Tree Works"
So we need to replace the "Guilty of Treeson" part.
We do tree work, and instead of highlighting just one person (Guilty of Treeson), we want to have a name that showcases all of our company crew guys.
"The Boys at Eastside Tree Works", "The Crewmen at Eastside Tree Works", for instance.
Tree work includes removing large hazardous trees, pruning trees, chainsaw/crane/bucket truck work.


Treetop Timber Trimmers at Eastside Tree Works

by mesabi

The Axperts At Eastside Tree Works

by moniker